Hotel Pavaresia Vlore

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Daily trips

Hotel “Pavaresia” is located in the neighborhood with the same name, near the port of Vlora, around 150 m from the sea. The visits in our city to the places of great historical interest like Museum of Ethnography, Historic Museum, Museum of Independence, will combine perfectly with the stay in our hotel.The main monument of the island is certainly the Church of holy Mary, annexed to the monastery in the thirteenth century. It is situated at the center of the island, surrounded by evergreen trees. It is the most attractive monument of this area, the main place of worship during the dark years of religious repression. Today we celebrate the Orthodox Christian religious ceremonies and here, every August 15, is celebrated the birth of the Virgin Mary. Local residents and residents of the region of Vlora will arrive on a pilgrimage on the evening of 14 and will spend the night outside the church.

40060360Kanina Castle – was built in the village with the same name which is about 6 km south-east of Vlora. The castle rises on the side of the Shushica Mountain, about 380 meters above the sea level. The elders of Kanina say that 5 “nations” worked on the castle: Illyrians, Romans, Venetians, Byzantinne and the Ottoman. Inhabited in antiquity since the 7th or 6th century BC and fortified since the 2nd half of the 4th century BC, it was also of great importance in late antiquity and in the Middle Ages. The defensive circuit is about 1,000 m long and encloses an area of about 3.5 ha.

31150300The first museum in Albania, National Museum of Independence (Muzeu Kombëtar i Pavarësisë) was founded in 1936 in the building where the first Albanian Government was settled in 1913. When it first opened, the museum showcased a collection of important items from Vlore and the surrounding areas. 50 years later, the museum was declared a national museum, showcasing original documents from the Renaissance documents and various artworks reflecting the period. As a symbol of Albania’s independence, the museum covers 2 rooms and 2 halls, all of beautifully decorated in the 19th century style, featuring original furniture, authentic documents, works of art, relics, the proclamation of independence, which was signed in this building, and other valuable items of national interest. Among the most remarkable areas in the museum are: the office of the first Albanian Prime Minister (Ismail Quemali) and the Provisional Government Conference Room. Located in the south of Vlore, near the port, the museum can be visited every day, except Monday.

49_bigThe Historic Museum was founded in 1962 and is located in the city center. There are historical and archaeological items of the entire district of Vlora. They date back beginning from the Bronze Age to documents of recent years, and include objects and relics from the medieval, renaissance and modern times. In this museum, visitors can see archeological objects that belonged to different ancient cities such as Vlora, Orikum, Amantia Ploçe, Olympia, and Kionina.

llogara1The National park of Llogara stands in the south-east of Orikum city and 35km from Vlora city. The fresh and healthy aria, marvelous view of the conifer woods, touristy village, and the fresh waters that spring from the mountains give to these park touristy national values. The national park of Llogara is considered as one of the beauties of Albania.The forest of Llogara consist of different kinds of woods as: conifer woods, black pine, fir-tree and juniper.

Haxhi-AliThe cave of Haxhi Ali is known also as the Illyrians cave. Has the form of a cupola and 30 long maximal altitude 30m, amplitude 12m and gets 10m of depth. From the end of the cave fount sweetly waters. For this cave is seed that long time ago a combatant and a sea man named Haxhi Ali refuge with his sun in this cave .From the cave they attach the sea pirates collaborate with the herders to helped the merchants and the travelers. The Albanian has dedicated to this hero a beautiful song and the ships that pass near the cave salute with the siren in honor of the hero. In the cave are found different archeological object that verifies how ancient this cave is.

gramaThe Grama gulf stands in the west side of Karaburun. In the antequity the massive rocks serve as stony for the construction of the cities. In the rocked surfaces are fount hundred scripts in the Latin, Greaek and Ilirian language under the form of a testament and prayer. The first scripts belong to the V-VI century B.K. In these scripts are found emperor names and personalities between them and the name of the Ilirian King Gent. For the first time it has been visited from the collector Kinioku of Ankona. In the year 1520 the geographer Piri Reiz named it as the Argent gulf .In the year 1901 Kal Paci had made a partial studding of the scriptures.